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Because I am a geek

I am clearly addicted to making sites on the internets. I can find any excuse to register a new domain and hang out my shingle.
My lastest is that because I am living in the UK, that I should have a UK website with the domain name. So I have me a new site. Basically my 'old' US site info put on a new site. Nothing fancy and made with a generic site template so it isn't sporting any of my own nifty graphics. That will come later after I get my real computer connected instead of this sad little laptop.

You can take a peek here:

Of course there is a story behind the name "Golden Flower Birth". It comes from a Buddhist tale that fits very nicely with mentoring (as opposed to teaching) parents about childbirth. Loosely told, it tells of when the Buddha was given a golden flower and asked to share his teachings with those present. The Buddha held the flower out and gazed at it peacefully, said nothing, and simply smiled. Thats it. In true Zen spirit - very simple, but very significant.

So there ya have it - my newest website. I promise not to make another one for a few months at least. ;)
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