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Well that was fast.

You may recall that back before we moved I had some dealings with my ex-h. What started as me simply needing to contact him (after locating him for the first time in 7 years) so I could ammend our divorce to specify that I was allowed to move overseas with D & K. That seemingly simple task turned into a big ol' drama with him refusing to cooperate at first and then him agreeing to do so if I agreed to write off a large portion of his enormous child support arrearage. After much consultation with my lawyer, I agreed to write of some (not all) of the debt in exchange for his cooperation on the divorce amendment, as well as half of the estimated legal fees, and cooperation with the proceedings for a step parent adoption of D&K by Axel that would take place after he satisfied a payment arrangement of the remaining balance of his debt. In short - he simply had to make a series of regular payments and he would be out from under a significant amount of back support, in addition to being off the hook for any future support. If he defaulted on the agreement, no support would be written off and his legal fees would not be refunded. Not a bad deal for someone who has always, since day one, reduced the existence of his offspring to a matter of "how much of HIS money they were taking from him."

His first payment of the agreement was due August 1. Nothing. He has a 30 day grace period to cure default. It is now August 29 (well, it is over there - here it is the 30th already) and I just get an email from my lawyer. He says that the certified mail he sent to notify of his default on the agreement and his 30 days to fix it has been returned unclaimed. He has tried to email him but it is bouncing back, which means most likely that he has closed his account. He has once again pulled a disappearing act. His 30 days is just about up and his second payment is due in 3 days. What do you think the chances are that I will see any of it?

He sure didn't waste any time making any effort to appear that he was trying to live up to the agreement. One has to wonder why on earth he entered into the agreement in the first place if he didn't intend on making good on it. I mean, he blew the one chance he had to get out from the child support he has refused to voluntarily pay for years. What an idiot. He still owes me major $$$ now and that amount will continue to stack up. I am out nothing. Sure, I don't have his payment, but that is pretty much par for the course. He still owes me and he will until hell freezes over at this rate. No problem. I really could care less. For him its about the money. For me its about the kids. I clearly have the better end of the deal.

Oh - but this is the guy who tells his friends how much he loves his kids... Fucking loser.
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