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My baby girl started school today. She couldn't have been more excited, I couldn't have been more sad. I am not one to cry over things like this, but OMG the waterworks were in full working order this morning as she happily took her teachers hand and marched into her classroom. I asked her if she wanted me to come in with her and help her hang her coat up and stuff and she cheerfully declined. "No thanks, mama. I can do it myself." Cue the tears...pass the tissue. She didn't even look back to wave good-bye. ::sniff:: ::blubber::

Kiah took some pictures of her trying on her uniform this weekend. (which she did about 100 times in 3 days!) Nevermind the messy backdrop - Kiah hasn't learned the fine art of moving the crap out of the frame before you take the picture.

Look at my baby!!! You think she might be a *tad bit* excited about school! oh man.... I am crying again. :(

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