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I could get used to this.

Tonight was our big Christmas Shopping Night at work. Here in our humble village (and really in most towns here) the shops close at 5:00pm most nights, so for the big holiday shopping extravaganza we stayied open until........ 8:00pm.......*gasp*! We lured the customers in with offers of a whopping 15% off regular priced merchandise (rotflmao!) and Christmassy Refreshments (yes, that is the official wording) which consisted of mince pies, nuts, and wine. Loads of wine. And it was not just the customers who were getting their holiday cheer on either. By the end of the evening we were having to concentrate real hard on hitting the right keys on the till. Yes, I could really get used to this place!

I can hardly wait until the big Christmas Meal where the company buys us all a big ol' feast at a local pub. They really know how to do it right here!
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