LakshmiMama (lakshmimama) wrote,

Our little bitty flat

Since we are getting ready to move in a couple weeks (into a HOUSE!) I am able to finally look at pictures of our flat and not feel trapped and panicky.

The pictures in the link are literally the entire flat. Think about this: 5 people, 2 of whom are teenagers (ugh!) and one of whom is a wild thing 4 year old. The other 2 being mom and dad trying to maintain sanity and peace. All living in LESS THAN 600 Sq Ft.

I am so glad to have moving to look forward to.
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Holy. Shit.

I don't know how you do it. I bet moving has never felt like something to look forward to like it does now!
It's really quite charming. I'd feel comfortable living there. Without the kids, husband and dog, of course.

Have fun with the move.
Dyl looks so british, and Anja is so big! Congratulations on getting into a house.

Did you mention that you sent us a Christmas card? I haven't gotten it yet. Our mail at the campus is so screwy.

(and did you get my last comment saying that I needed your email addy? If I don't get a response to this, I'll take the hint and disappear- no hard feelings)
Awww man - you know I am just flakey flakey flakey.
I actually didn't send any cards out. Wrote them all and then didn't send them. We had some unexpected expenses come up right after I bought the cards and wrote them all out and I couldn't afford to buy postage. (which is actually quite expensive over here, especially airmail). So all my cards are sitting here in a stack looking sad and lonely and out of date. I thought about taking pictures of them and emailing them to people, but then my email was down for nearly a month while my brother moved the server. I could have used my yahoo email, but well.... ah I am just lame. lame. lame.

I did get your last comment, but as I said, I am lame. Lame and busy. But I promise that in the next few days I will make time to sit down and write to you. Don't take my lameness personally. It is just me being me, in all my flakey glory. lol.

You know I love you, don't you dare go away. :P