LakshmiMama (lakshmimama) wrote,

Its lame but its all I got.

Been MIA. Been really busy. What more can I say?

My job at the bookstore is in full swing and keeps me very busy. The kids all have their stuff which at the very least requires my money and most often my time as well. Nothing unusual about that, but ultimately very time consuming. A side effect of working in a bookstore is also feeding my book habit. In a big way. We can borrow any book we want. We can order in any book from any publisher that distributes to the UK. Of course there are books that don't have UK distribution yet so can only be import. That is what the friend of Dylan's who is visting in a couple weeks is for. Bringing my free shipping Amazon order with her! :p

I have been doing more work with my birth classes and really going full power. I have made some great contacts and am on the verge of something exciting. I can feel it. I am excited and scared shitless at the same time.

Haven't had time to update my blog even. Maybe tonight, but I am planning a reading embargo for this evening and planning knit and watch Six Feet Under episodes, or maybe get real indulgent and buy itunes American TV shows. God Bless technology and US Bank Accounts that get us around media restrictions.
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