LakshmiMama (lakshmimama) wrote,

Geez, where did I go...

I guess I have been taking an unofficial break from the interweb. I didn't really mean to, but it just sorta worked out that way.

I spent a couple weeks working for a company over near Gatwick, which while it is just 13 miles away from here takes fucking forever to get to on the bus. The busses here in the small towns and villages suck ass in a big way. Someone forgot to explain scheduling 101 to these guys. It was the leave early/get home late scenario that sends me into sheer panic mode. It is one thing to be a working parent, but an entirely different thing to only ever see your children or spouse when you are exhausted, rushed, or stressed or some combination of these. Usually them all together. The work itself was just, eh. A/R A/P crap that I could do standing on my head. My well kept secret is that for being a creative type, I am actually a kick-arse bean counter. Who woulda thunk it. But I hate working the grind, especially for a business that is just any ol' company XYZ. I like to have some sort of interest in the business I work for. Call me crazy, but job satisfaction is important to me.

The commuting and working and resulting stress really cut into my time wasting online. The nerve of it. But thankfully that job is over (it was a temp thing) and I have started a new job that I am really happy at. It is a seasonal (with fingers crossed for it turning permanent) job in a bookstore. Yes, it is retail. But it is books!!! Books books books! Books are like crack for me. I just can't get enough no matter what. And it is literally a 3 minute walk from my front door. Which means that I am able to come home on my lunch hour and sit in a quiet house (which is NEVER is at any other time) and eat, relax, do a bit of laundry (which I am STILL tryng to catch up on after my time at the other job) and whatever else strikes my fancy. I love it. I get home in time to make dinner at a decent hour (dinner when I was commuting was so late that Anja fell asleep most nights before I got it on the table. poor thing.) and have time to relax and take care of things before bedtime.

So at least for the Christmas season I can feel more at ease with this working parent thing. I can't for the life of me remember how I did it as a single parent with D & K. I will remember soon enough though when Axel leaves for 5 months starting in June. But that is a freak out for another day.
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